Discovering Aesop

Shelves at Aesop!

Shelves at Aesop! (forgive the bad photography!)

Aesop is on PETA’s list of companies that do not test on animals, so I decided to check them out!

I’ve always liked the look of the Aesop stores… clean cut lines, a very decided colour scheme. It looks almost cold and uninviting (why this attracts me, I don’t know! Perhaps the illusion of exclusivity. Don’t lie, you love it too!).

In the FAQ section of their website, they say that they do not test on animals, and that they do not contain colourants, artificial fragrances, mineral oils, silicones, parabens or pearlising agents. Also, Juicy Satsuma, a favourite blog of mine, made a blog post in January this year about Aesop, and showed an email she had received from them confirming that they do not test either the final products or ingredients on animals. Yay! (Also I highly recommend checking out her blog, as it is my biggest inspiration!)

So today I excitedly entered the Aesop store in Sydney Westfield and felt like a child in a sweet shop! Everything looked pretty and smelt nice! I tried a few things and was impressed. I ended up deciding to purchase the mouth wash – because it seemed interesting and exciting, and lip balm – because sometimes I feel like my life is about searching for the perfect lip balm!


Mouthwash by Aesop – $25 AUD


Lip Balm by Aesop – $15 AUD


– Do not test on animals
– Use a mixture of natural ingredients along with lab ingredients
– Australian brand (so I can support my own economy)
– Products are free of colourants, artificial fragrances, mineral oils, silicones, parabens & pearlising agents
– everything smells really nice!
– lip balm does hydrate lips and leave them smooth
– mouth wash tastes nice and leaves breath fresh
– mouth wash does not leave my mouth feeling like it’s on fire (like Listerine does)

– Aesop does use some Sodium Laureth Sulfate
– lip balm doesn’t feel like it lasts on me and doesn’t have quite the texture I am looking for
– lip balm is a bit expensive (although I don’t really have a problem with buying expensive lip balms)
– mouth wash is very expensive and will be used regularly, i’ll have to let this one sit to see if I’m willing to spend this much regularly on a mouth wash
– mouth wash has a liquorice-esque after taste due to aniseed, again, time will tell if I am willing to stick with this one as I don’t like liquorice!

The sales assistant was nice enough and helpful, she also gave me some hand cream samples and anti-oxidant eye cream samples. I’m excited to try these samples as I tried the eye cream in-store and liked the feel of it (but $87 seemed a lot of money to spend without having samples the product), and I also tried the hand creams and was very impressed. Again, I want to keep sampling the hand creams as I’m quite fussy with hand creams (I feel like my life is also about finding the perfect hand cream!).


The samples I was given

On my list of things to buy from Aesop next are:

– anti-oxidant eye cream
– shampoos, conditioners, cleansers, etc! I want to try ALL the products!
– hand cream

All in all, it was a fun experience and left me intrigued! I will post full reviews of the products in a few weeks to let you know how I go with them.

Let me know your thoughts!! 🙂 Until next time,